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One of The Best Free Android Games Out There

Finding an app on the PlayStore that is free and gets great developer support is a rare occurrence, but it does happen, RobTop Games is a popular game developer who has produced a number of great games for smart devices. Their most popular release being Geometry Dash, a game so popular that there are multiple versions of it on the store, some created by the developers and some by its fans, each version adds something new to the game and keeps the title from dying out.

If you’re looking for a refreshing action platformer that provides you with the thrill of being challenged along with keeping you entertained with its great visuals and level design then Geometry Dash might just win you over. The newest version of the game is still being releases across the world and is set to add a whole new layer of fun to the game, but not everyone can access it through their appstores just yet. However, that doesn’t mean that if you can’t find the game then all you can do it wait; you can simply download the 2.1 APK and then install it onto your phone.

This option is only available to android users since the iOS isn’t too keen on letting users make their own tweaks, you can get the Geometry Dash 2.1 download from Geometry Dash and then install it into your phone by allowing unknown sources to make changes on your device. The process is simple and described in detail along with the game’s download link, so visit the website and get ready to enjoy the latest updates that RobTop Games has in store for you. The latest version of the game runs on android 4.0 or higher so make sure that your device is compatible.

Getting The Right Cricket Bat

Choosing a cricket bat is not quite as simple a choice as many people who do not play cricket would think it is. The cricket bat that you use can help you hide any weaknesses that you might have as a batsman, and a good cricket bat will give you ample control and shot strength without compromising on the required speed of the shot or the balance being lost. However, depending on your playing style as a batsman, you may want to get a bat that focuses on one aspect more than another to make up for what you might lack in a specific area or to bolster your pre – existing batting strength. How you play and what bat you choose really depends on the strategy you want to employ, but most of all on your comfort. You cannot just pick up any bat and hope that it will be a good fit for you, companies mass produce different types of bats to cater to the needs of different comfort zones and playing styles for players. So regardless of how experienced you are or if you are an amateur, you should really consider getting the right type of bat for yourself. You can even go online and visit the Meulemans website at to get access to a wide variety of some of the best cricket bats around along with a lot of other cricket equipment and gear.

One bat that we have to mention because of how great it is and how carefully it has been designed is the Kookaburra Kahuna. A bat that has been a contender for the best bat in the world since it was released and give the players a very balanced all rounder bat that can play to the strengths of most good batsmen.

How to Make a Bachelor Party Unforgettable

If you are the best man at someone’s wedding you are going to have to keep in mind the fact that you are in charge of throwing the bachelor party. This is an extremely big responsibility, and you might feel a little concerned about whether or not you would be able to pull it off. However, as long as you are careful about the sort of party you plan, there is no reason why you would not be able to throw a bachelor party that would really help your best friend have the time of his life.

A great way to throw a bachelor party is to host a pub crawl. This is a night where you and your friends, including the groom to be, go from one pub to another in a night of drinking and debauchery. The reason that such parties are so much fun is that they involve a lot of fun drinking along with movement from pub to pub which keeps things lively and prevents them from becoming too much for people to handle. Another great thing is that you can create a pub crawl that would incorporate a variety of different pubs each of which would have their own unique gimmick that would allow you and your friends to have a truly enjoyable time.

The best pub crawl in Krakow needs to have a variety of different pub styles incorporated so that everyone involved can have a truly enjoyable experience that would enable them to make the most of their night out. Your best friend is definitely going to be glad that he chose you as his best man when he is having the time of his life drinking and taking in the ambiance of each pub.

Why Your Children Should Prefer Wooden Toys?

Parents do tremendous efforts to make their children learn and get every positive attention in order to make them good learners. For this purpose, they usually prefer fun yet educational toys that will help them to learn effectively. This stage for children is very crucial as they adapt and learn every positive or negative thing they observe. Therefore, to provide the best you need to provide them with the best.

We all are very well aware of the wood toys Australia. These toys are still popular in this era of science and technology due to their importance. They will help your children to grow and learn.

Some may complain that these toys are quite heavy for children. However, they ignore the fact that these toys are very string and are quite durable. Their durable is what make them more popular and last longer than the toys made from other materials. The material used is all natural, hence they do not tend to lose color and you will not worry about it causing any allergy in your children as well.

If you are a parent, you know the importance of peace. Children make a lot of noise may give you a headache. However, this is the most unlikely case for the wooden toys as they do not produce any sound. This will enable you to have a peaceful environment at home while your child can play to his heart’s content.

The wood toys Australia from has been very productive for children. They help children to hold stuff easily and enable better grasping.

Wooden toys comes in the form of puzzles and enables your child to solve problems.  They are more interactive and help your child to learn and develop more interactive skills. They also help your child to develop great imagination and widen up their minds.

Joints VS. Bongs: A Comparison

Ever since the state of California has now allowed the use of marijuana as a recreational drug, so more and more people are now legally consuming it. So, if you also want to start consuming marijuana, you are going to need a medium to smoke it in.

The two most common mediums being joints and bongs. If you are not sure which one would work better for you, we have done a quick comparison between the two to help you out. You can buy bongs online and one of the best online headshop with more variety and designs would


If we are talking in terms of price, the rolling paper for joints usually costs around $5-$10 whereas a bong given its glass component and whatnot can cost as little as $20 and can go upto a couple of hundred dollars.


In terms of portability, it is a lot more convenient to carry joints around with you especially when you are outdoors. Bongs given their size and glass component are not safe to carry around outside and should be limited to indoor use only.

Health Consciousness:

Since bongs are filtered through water, a huge percentage of toxins and tar is filtered out, making it safer and the water also makes the hit smoother. Joints on the other hand have no such filter because of which you are consuming a higher percentage of toxins and tar compared to bong. Also, since there is no cooling mechanism, the smoke will be harsher for your lungs.


When it comes to joints, you are not just getting marijuana every time you take a hit and a lot of marijuana is wasted since it burns off to smoke. Bong on the other hand, allow you to inhale more marijuana in a single hit without as much waste.

If you are looking to buy a bong, you can visit, one of the best online headshop given its mass variety.

Top Reasons to Play Computer Games

Contrary to the popular belief, computer games are still quite popular among all age groups with the rise in technologically advanced games. While most of the people may prefer digital device and console games to computer games, there are plenty of benefits that you can gain from the latter that are not found otherwise.

Constantly failing and losing at computer games will definitely leave you with a very essential lesson taught: practice makes a man perfect. It will also make you want to work harder and go that extra mile just to win that particular battle. And this very battle will help you in several life matters in ways that you can never imagine. Playing computer games simply gives you that drive and motivation to achieve your desired goals in games and real life.

You will be surprised to know that computer games enable you to boost up your problem solving skills. Who would have thought of that? This is due to the fact that almost every computer game including duck life 5 unblocked involves a fair share of critical thinking and problem solving practice. In return, it will enable you to be more flexible in real life when it comes to academic institutions and life matters. Needless to say, it will keep your mind occupied and active; rather than wasting your energy and time working on mindless things, you can brush up and improve your mind skills by playing computer games.

Computer games have the capacity to make you more social in terms of communication and interaction. Gone are the days when people stereotypes computer players with shyness and anti-social. According to the new researches, you can now develop and improve your social skills through interacting with other players via computer games.

Mistakes Every Crossbow Owner Should Avoid

There’s no denying that almost everyone wants to have a crossbow just because it looks good, in addition to looking good, it can also serve as a great weapon both for hunting purposes, and safety purposes. A crossbow is lethal, easy to operate, and requires a very small learning curve. However, at the same time, it requires some dedication, as well as some proper taking care.

You can own the best crossbow on the market, or you could have a mid-range crossbow, the whole process of taking care of your crossbow is largely going to be the same. With that said, if you own a crossbow, today, we are going to take a look at some of the mistakes that you should totally avoid.

This will help you make the most out of your crossbow, and will actually let you keep it without damaging the crossbow itself. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Not Maintaining It
Just like a gun, a crossbow has quite a lot of moving parts, if you want your crossbow to work properly, and not get damaged over time, the best way is to make sure that you’re maintaining it from time to time. Maintenance usually involves cleaning the nooks and crannies, as well as lubing it whenever the need arises.

Leaving it Out in The Open
Just like you would buy a holster for your fire arm, it is advised that you keep your crossbow in a case of some sort too, and the reason why this is important is simple; if you let your crossbow stay out in the open, it will start catching dirt over time, and believe it or not, dirt and dust isn’t something good for a crossbow as it can get stuck inside the mechanism.

The Tsunami of Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are storming the front. It’s something we saw coming, because they are pretty good and innovative. They are really taking the world by a tsunami, and it won’t stop any time soon. If you would also like to join this new club, then you can do it.

But chances are you know next to nothing in terms of this. But we will illustrate you on how to do it. Because this article has been especially crafted for this purpose. Just be our guest and learn with us.

The New Great Thing in The Neighborhood
They are the new great thing, they are the hottest chick in the zone. Now it’s time to unveil the truth and get to the deep of this matter. Because not a lot of people understand how these bikes have become so popular.

Now you will discover it. The first and most important reason is that people, at least normal people, don’t have a lot of space. This is especially true in teenagers. Therefore, one must find a solution to this problem, and it’s offered by folding mountain bikes.

But they can also be quite powerful. That’s why lots of hardcore mountain bikers are opting for these bikes. Because they are pretty awesome. They are reliable, strong and resistant. They are like warriors made bicycles.

Now you should go and focus on finding the perfect pick for you. It’s the new great thing in the neighborhood and people know it very well. If you would like to join this club, then just make sure the bike you buy is made by a good brand, has the features you need and that’s it.

It’s not hard to find, you just need to be willing to spend the cash that’s needed. As simple as that.

Buying a Manchester United Package Online: How To?

It’s not a secret that a great part of the commerce has been translated to the internet. Now you can buy almost whatever thing online, but is it possible to buy a MU package online? First off, let’s check what a package is in case you do not have a clear notion on what it includes and why it is so special.

You need to invest your money into things that make you feel well, and is the package of this kind something that will bring you joy and happiness? We will discover that in the developing of this piece of content.

It’s Great
It’s a great thing to buy, it’s even better than man utd tickets, because you need many other things than simply watching the match in the stadium. We all know the vibe and the great feeling you get at the hour of watching your favorite team playing, but the package allows you to do it in a much better way.

You also get the chance to have a good food before the game, or depending on how the package is organized. You also get access to drinks, and what’s even more impressing is that you can ask questions to former players of the Manchester United.

Now let me ask you: Do you think it’s a waste of money? For some it may be, but if you are a real fan, then this is an opportunity you won’t get anywhere else. If you really love this club and team, then here you have a chance to live your dreams for real.

So here you have your answer. Just buy it from a legit seller online and you won’t have any problem at all. This is all you need to do my good friend.

Different Ways of Celebrating New Year’s Eve

For people living in different parts of the world, there is one very big event coming up. November is coming to an end and people are already starting their preps for the New Year’s Eve. Now people all over the world have different plans of course and we will be talking about how people belonging to different cultures and different parts of the world tend to celebrate the end of the previous and starting of the New Year. The one thing that is common among all the people all over the world is that they all share gifts for their loved ones, regardless of the country or culture they belong to. happy new year 2017 quotes are also one of the ways to go about wishing people close to you. Following are some of the different ways in which people around the world celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Midnight Jumping in Philippines

In Philippines the annual tradition of celebrating New Year involves a lot of children gathering around and waiting for the midnight countdown to start all prepared for the one last second of previous year to pass and as soon as the clock strikes midnight they leap off and jump in the air all at once. It is one of the most enjoyable and awaited celebrations in Philippines.

Ball Drop in Times Square NYC

Another major event that takes place one New Year’s Ever that is also the most awaited event for people who live in the United States is the Ball drop. The ceremony goes when people in the NYC start gathering up in Times Square and that is where the countdown starts till midnight and as soon as the clock strikes midnight the ball drops from the pole and is followed by fire works.

Make Any Event Memorable

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