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Grocery List For The New PC Gamer

If you’re new to building a PC, then it might all seem very daunting to you right about now. Your friends with very extensive gaming PCs are probably telling you to buy components that will cost you an arm and a leg and you don’t even know what these things are and why you need then and then you see all these YouTube videos teaching you to build your own PC in such a way that you just can’t wait to get started.

All of us PC gamers have been there and we can empathise with you; it’s confusing yet exciting. To make things simpler, here’s a ‘grocery list’ of sorts that will tell you what components you need to buy first to get started with your first gaming rig. You can check out Cable Tech Talk to learn more about the best of these components out there right now, if things get too confusing at any point.

The Case
Your PC’s case actually has a lot more to do with its performance than you think, a good PC case should be roomy enough for your graphics card and your processor to be able to breathe and it should also have adequate ventilation options so that you can add more fans later on to cool it down. Make sure to pick one that does all this and looks awesome too.

The Power Supply
You don’t have to worry about how good or bad your power supply unit looks because it will be hidden deep within your case, but you’ll want one that can provide more than what power you need.

The Mother Board
Gaming PC motherboards are made to perform and look great at the same time; this is the third most essential component you need to be able to power your PC on at the very least.

Top Gaming Monitor

The great thing about PC monitors is that you can always rely on them to last a long time in a near perfect condition. Most monitors can last you for about 10 years without any problems, and then some if you have taken good care of your monitor too. However what this means is that when you have to choose a PC monitor for yourself, you should really put some thought in to what you get. You could easily be using that monitor for the next decade so you should put a lot of thought in to what you plan on getting. A good investment on your part could be getting a thin bezel frame monitor; they are gaining a lot of popularity in recent times and are great for online gaming and for watching movies on.

For those of you who do not know, bezel frames are the frames that go around the monitor screens. As time has gone on you will notice that the bezel frames are becoming better, lighter, and thinner. Compare the size of PC monitor frames from ten years ago to the bezel PC monitor frames now and you will notice a huge difference in them. They are aiming to eliminate the amount of space that is used up by the plastic that usually surrounds the monitor to give it a sleeker, thinner, and edgier look.

The thinnest bezel monitor has to be the 27 inch ASUS MX27AQ monitor. This monitor is not just the one with the thinnest frame but is also the best to look at visually. The monitor has been called a proper work of art on multiple occasions and it is all warranted as the final product is very elegant. The high resolution and screen options make it great for movie lovers and photographers.

DJ Mixers For Beginners

Becoming a DJ has never been easier, the technology that one needs is quite affordable nowadays and the skill ceiling has also come down quite considerably, anyone who is thinking of starting a career as a DJ or wants to pursue it as a hobby needs to invest in a handful of things. The first and most important being a DJ mixer, this device is the heart of any modern DJ setup and enables one to do all kinds of things with sound, once one becomes adept and using a mixer, they can pretty much produce any kind of trendy music.

DJ mixers consist of a number of knobs, faders, switches and more that allow you to interact with and edit music, the number of different kinds of mixers out in the market is staggering, which can make choosing the right device for you a bit difficult, before making a purchase, one should set their budget and then see what options are available for them, this narrows down the number of options and makes it easier to choose a device. Look for devices that meet your requirements, this is important if you want to buy a mixer that you can be happy with for a long time.

When it comes to features, there are numerous things to consider, but if you are a beginner then it is best to go for something that has all the basics in it in order to keep things simple and easy to understand. Other things that one must take into consideration is the size of the mixer, its weight, the kind of software you are going to use with it and more. You can learn more about mixers for beginners on the Daily Waffle’s guide, I enjoyed reading this because it was packed with information and really helped me out.

How to Use High End Apps With a Cheap Phone

The problem that a lot of people face in today’s tech heavy world is that they don’t have enough money to stay up to date. It’s not just about hardware, there are a lot of different apps out there that you would want to use so a lot of people are just fine with a phone that does not have a very good camera. The real problem is that these cheap phones don’t have the processing power to run some of the higher end apps out there and end up giving subpar performances.

In order to stay on par with everyone else, spending a lot of money on a high end smartphone might seem like your only option. Thankfully, there is an alternative available. A lot of people don’t have high end smartphones, but most people do have decent laptops. If you have a laptop or desktop that runs fairly well, you can get Bluestacks for Windows 7 and use Android on that. All of the high end apps work perfectly with this Android emulator, as it does not face the issues that a lot of other emulators tend to have. This is an optimized, streamlined software so apps hanging, crashing or working slowly are just not problems that you would have to deal with.

This is perfect for software engineering students that need to learn about app development but do not have the hardware to do so. Somewhere down the line you are going to have to buy a smartphone, but for now just using Bluestacks can help you use the precious time that you might have wasted otherwise. This will help you save money as well since this software is free to download with no obligation to pay later either.

Everything You Need to Know About Energy Saving Devices

When it comes to energy and bills, we all know the pain because in just about every household there are over a 20 electrical appliances that are operating at the same time and it ends up increasing the electric bill by the double. However, there is a new concept that has been floating around the market for a while now i.e. energy saving and energy saving devices. These devices and technology are designed in such a way that they take up minimum amount of energy and work as efficiently as possible. There are a lot of things that you might not know about energy saving devices, but if you are interested in knowing then you are in the right place then keep on reading. Following are some of the things that you need to know about energy saving devices, check them out below.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind about energy saving devices is that they are designed with special technology that helps them in reducing the energy intake and maximizing the output without compromising on the quality of the output. This in turn also helps in reducing your energy bills by a considerable amount. The best part about energy saving technology is that they do not take long to install, all you need to do is make an appointment and once they come over it will take twenty to twenty five minutes approx. to set everything up and running. However, it is always good to be careful when you are getting something new installed, so do check out power saver reviews by looking them up on the internet and if they seem satisfactory enough only then go on to schedule an appointment, always make an informed decision.

What is a VPN

A Virtual Private Network, or a VPN, is a very important tool for your internet connection that can help you open up and break through borders that have been placed on the internet. If you have not used a VPN before, or do not know what a VPN is then you should really try and find out. Even if you do not really think of it as being very important at this moment, a VPN will eventually become a very important tool for your internet browsing.

This article is going to be for the people who do not know what a VPN is, it will explain the function of a VPN and what it can do for you, and why you should have one. A VPN is basically a whole network of computers that are interconnected over public or private networks. Once you join in on a VPN you will be able to join the local area network, or a LAN, of a place where you are not actually, physically, in at the moment. You can also end up using the VPN to encrypt your actual details when you are using an untrustworthy public network.

The reason a VPN can be so important is that it can help you make sure that no matter what site you are using, you are secured with the information you are sending and receiving as it has all become encrypted.

You might have multiple reasons to want to download a VPN to make browsing easier for you. You could be someone who does not have good access to downloadable games and need to get them off a BitTorrent and need the safety. Or you could be someone who wants to watch Indian Premier League with a VPN. In either case, you will be covered.

Qualities of a Good Internet Service Provider That You Should Keep in Mind

Having a good internet service provider is something that happens to be very, very important. A lot of people don’t know but a good internet service provider makes sure that the internet you’re being provided is up to the mark and works without really creating any problems for the user.

Now there are several internet providers out in the market, and personally checking and reviewing all of them isn’t something that seems possible. However, the good thing is that if you are not require to test all the internet connections out mainly because doing that for you.

The website has a comprehensive comparison of almost all the internet service providers in your area, ultimately making your job a lot easier. As for today, we are taking a look at some of the qualities that tell you that the internet service provider that you’re using is actually good.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look, shall we?

They Provide Great Customer Service

Perhaps one of the best ways to tell whether or not the internet service provider is great is by looking at their customer service, any internet service provider who prides themselves to be on the top of the list will definitely have a good customer service, otherwise, it just doesn’t work like that.

Constant Uptime

An uptime is basically the amount of time an internet connection remains active and stable, now this is something a lot of people don’t really know about but a quality internet service provider will make sure that you have the best possible experience you can possibly get from the internet service that they are providing.

So, make sure that whenever you’re actually going for an internet service, it’s as good as it gets.

A Website For a Website

Latency can be a deciding factor in whether your website sees any traction. When there is a loading screen of just more than 5 seconds, you are likely to lose your click. Though 5 seconds may not seem like a lot of time, it can really add up to the demotivation to use your website. Even search engines like Google and Yahoo will lower your priority in their search rankings if they find the latency for visiting your website to be too unreasonable for the client.

Not only that, but the further your server location is from the client, the lower on the rankings you will be. This in turn reduces your visibility to locations not directly near you. So how does one battle this sort of issue? Three words, Content Delivery Networks. Basically, proxy servers are set up in various locations which can reduce the latency and load times of visiting your website.

Clients that wish to access your website will be rerouted to the proxy server which will fetch the data from your website. The data can even be cached which basically means that the data is stored so that any future requests from the clients can be dealt with in even less time than before and more than if someone far off in another part of the world was trying to access your original server.

Content Delivery Network, also known as Content Distribution Network, is convenient for websites looking to expand into the world wide web. Competition is tough out there and rankings on the various search engines really make a difference. If you find yourself in need of such a delightful service then you can check out CDNsun at their website as they are more than capable of providing you with these services.

Don’t Buy a Security System Before You Read This

Please, wait a moment. Just a little moment. Because you cannot simply go ahead and buy the first security system you find. You need to be careful about this, you need to do it carefully. And this article is just perfect for you, because it’s going to show you all about it.

Wireless May Sound Attractive But…

It’s not very reliable in our opinion. It’s not that every burglar out there will know how to interfere the signal and deactivate the security system. But there are some that could, even though the wireless system could be totally protected.

In order to avoid this, you should go for a wired system. For real, you can check some of them in this website which belongs to Aust-Guard Security Services from Perth. Wireless systems are very easy to install and they will be set up in just a brief time, but if you want our advice, we totally recommend you to go the other route and go for a wired system.

Make Sure It’s Complete

You also need to make sure the system is totally complete. You need to protect your home, therefore, you need to make sure it will protect all the entrances to your home and keep them monitored.

And “monitored” is the key word we were looking for. On top of everything we have previously mentioned, the system should also be monitored. That will be attached to a monthly fee, but hey, it’s worth it because your house will receive the best protection possible.

Now you know a little bit more about security systems. We hope that now you can make a smart and professional purchase, so you can start protecting your home from burglars and you must do it very well in fact.

Network Monitors

Ever since the world came in to the IT age, and since has gone beyond that point, the way we live and work has changed extremely. This has affected how we work in all points of our lives, at home, in public, in social gatherings, and even at the work place. As technology advances our dependency on the efficiency it produces increases as well. We can no longer go back to the slower days with the slower productivity and the slower work rate, this is twice as true for the work place than any other part of our life as it is the one point in our lives that requires the most efficiency and the one on which we spend the most time on. So while in the work place you need to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that all things are done well and done on time. There is little room for error or delay and you need the instruments and gadgets used by the work force to help your employees rather than hold them back because of unavailability or bad productivity.

The most important piece of equipment most office jobs have for their employees are their computers, part of the computer network of the office. For the computers to be working at their best they need to be updated and available for use, that means things like shutdowns, network failures, loss of connectivity, older versions running on some of the desktops, and slow computer responses will all hold back the productivity and get in the employees way. To avoid the computers becoming too problematic to use you should consider getting a network monitoring and alerting software for your work place. A network monitoring software will keep all computers available and updated for use, never causing any hindrances in work.

A Proper Review on Mackeeper: The Pros And Cons

Mackeeper is one of the most famous and controversial apps for Mac. If you want to learn all about it as well as its pros and cons, then this article will share them with you. That’s why you need to keep reading, so you can learn more about it.

We have to tell you that we have gotten all of this information from We thought it’d be a good thing to link to the source of this, so you can have a further reading once you are done with this article.

The first and most important pro: It works. We are being serious right here. If you want to optimize your Mac, then you will never get a better chance to do it than by using this app. Because it’s the unique app in the market that optimize your computer professionally and with fast results.

Next, it’s very simple to use. It does not require you to do anything at all, as it handles most of the work for you. You simply have to install it and that’s it. Nothing more to do, simply wait and see how your Mac turns faster.

You need to understand something: This app has a bad fame, but that’s not true. Many people think that it’s a malware, but it’s not true. One has to think that it comes from competition, because this app works wonderfully.
Now here you have it. This app doesn’t have cons at all, just pros and benefits you can reap. Now this is all you need to do. We invite you to go ahead and finally get what you want, which is your Mac to be faster than ever before. It’s your time to do it, so go for it.

The Reasons Why You Should Get a VPN

VPNs have become really, really important over the past couple of years, ever since the ISPs as well as government started censoring and restricting the internet for the costumers, and while it may not seem like an issue, but for people who want to have an unrestricted access to the internet, the only way out is actually by using VPN. Now for those who don’t know, a VPN is basically a Virtual Private Network, that assigns you an IP address of a different country, and once you’re connected to that country, all the websites that you need to visit become completely unrestricted.

With that said, there are a lot of reasons to pick VPN, and while you may think that this is not necessary at all, if you are living in a country where the internet is not as free as it should be, then you have to use VPN. With that said, you can look into the PureVPN review and decide for yourself. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the basic reasons why you should get VPN.

Secure, Private Access

top33The good thing about getting VPN is that the access you’ll be getting will be completely secure, and addition to being secure, it’ll be fully private, so you never have to worry whether or not your anonymity is compromised.

Visit any Site You Want

Another great thing is that once you have VPN, you can simply get an unrestricted access to pretty much any website you want, and there won’t be any issues. Believe it or not, many users are permanently using internet with VPN active, and browsers like Opera are even offering free VPN. That’s how good things have become when it comes to having VPN.

The Perfect Streaming App

movietube-free-full-movies-3Apps are what make our phones smart, they allow us to use our phones in various ways and make the most out of them, so in order to get the best user experience from your phone you have to make sure that you have the right apps installed. A lot people use their phones to view movies and TV series, which makes streaming apps really popular since they let you stream and watch whatever movie that you want to watch without having to wait at all. One of the best streaming apps out there right now is Movietube, it provides a highly versatile user experience that can’t be found everywhere and really lets you make the most out of your phone.

Movietube has a free forever policy just like WhatsApp’s which ensure that you don’t have to worry about the app asking you to pay in order to unlock more features. This app has a vast movie and TV series library from which you can not only view the content, but also get detailed information about each and every movie and also write and read reviews about it. You also get a to watch list in which you can save whatever movies you plan on watching and then view them at your leisure. Another great thing about it is that it doesn’t have movies just in English, but a wide range of other languages as well.

Movietube does a great job at providing viewers with a seamless viewing experience but it isn’t available on your app stores, you can find the Movietube APK and instructions on how to install it on the app’s website. Installing an app manually is pretty easy and it does absolutely no harm to your phone, so get the app today and never worry about not having something to watch ever again.

Some of The Known Disadvantages of Wireless Headsets

For those who don’t know, wireless headsets, as well as peripherals are quickly becoming the industry standard mainly because they are good, and in case you are wondering just how good they are, well, more and more people are buying these headsets mainly because they allow for a great amount of portability, which means that you can easily carry them wherever you want. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no disadvantages; for those who don’t know, there are some obvious downsides of having a wireless headset as well. For starters, there is, at times, a huge difference between the sound quality of a wired headset and the wireless headset. However, thanks to the modern technology, things are changing and getting better this time around.

With said, today, we are going to take a look at some of the obvious disadvantages of the wireless headsets, and you why you should know about them, but before we began, you should check out some reviews at the gaming egg reviews. So, without further ado, let’s take a look.

The Sound Quality

sound-egg-chairFirst things first, in case you don’t already know, there is a massive difference between the sound quality on the wired headsets, and the sound quality on wireless headsets. In case you don’t know, the difference at times can be drastic enough, so make sure you’re aware of it.

The Transmission

Considering how the wireless headsets out in the market are working on a wireless signal, you should know that there may be some transmission issues, a lot of people have reported that the transmission issues have actually meddled with other wireless peripherals, and even reported some input lag, and while it could be an isolated issue, it’s still something to be concerned about.

Reasons You Should Invest in a Baby Monitor

When it comes to parenting there are so many things you need to take care of, and so many responsibilities and duties you have to fulfill. Being a parent is not an easy job, it is a kind of job from which you never get off days and you are always on call. So a baby monitor can do wonders for parents who have full time jobs. There are so many different kinds of baby monitors available in the market. If you are looking for one then you can check out some of them on This will also help you in choosing the right kind of baby monitor for your baby. Following are some of the reasons you should invest your money into a baby monitor.

Keeping a Track of Your Toddler’s Activities

Woman's face, magic of figures, numerology

When you are a new parent you are always worried about what your baby might be doing. Now keeping a track of your baby has become even easier because of the video and Wi-Fi technology that is being incorporated into baby monitors. You can always keep a track of their activities and check on them by just connecting your laptop or any screen to your baby monitor.


Another good thing about baby monitors is that whenever you hear your baby move or make noises you can go and check on them. This way you will be able to tend to their needs if they need anything otherwise you can put them to sleep.

Putting Your Mind at Ease

Another reason you should invest in a baby monitor is so that you can put your mind at ease that your baby is doing well and will be okay. If he or she needs you, you can always just check on them.