Dirty Little Secrets of Legal Recruiters

The first thing that we would like to mention is that this article is not about all the legal recruiters out there, it is just about some of them that do not take the job seriously and cause problems for their clients.

We felt obliged to write this article for our readers because the law graduates that do approach legal recruiters are quite desperate to find a job but many of the legal recruiting firms do not recognize or care about this and take the clients non-seriously. There are legal recruiters who put in all their efforts to do their job right but there are some horrible ones that are there in the market and have the potential to waste time and money of the client. When you go to hire one you would probably check a legal recruiter directory and you might find many but the umber of options does not mean that all of them are good enough to hire. You might not believe it but many legal recruiting firms have their own secrets that they hide so let us spill some of them.

No Contacts

It is a sad state of things but most of the legal recruiting companies do not have proper contacts or connections in law firm but despite that, they boast that they would be able to get their clients job due to their PR in the industry which is a complete lie.


You might find it hard to believe but the people who sit in or run a legal recruiting company are not always from the legal background. It is not a requirement of the industry which means that anyone can become a legal recruiter and many inexperienced people do as the job seems easy to them.