Getting Actively Involved in Philanthropy

It is a fact that we truly don’t understand the value of something until we longer have it. A lot of times things that we just actively take for granted or don’t give a second though to could be something someone else has never experienced in their life. Almost all of your reading this piece are doing it through some electronic medium with a roof above your head and having eaten a meal a while ago, and even if we haven’t we know that we can just walk a few steps or dial a few buttons and then get a meal in our hands in less than an hour.

When someone comes from a place of privilege, it is really important for them to not only recognize their privilege but to utilize their privilege and help back in any way they can as well. A lot of people donate to different charities and organizations. However, what they do is cash a check or drop a certain amount of money and then leave. While this does help immensely, it in a way, removes you from the entire experience since you haven’t actively participated.

It is really important for everyone to get actively involved and get to the people they are donating to and who exactly are they giving their donations for. This allows you to meet all kind of people from all kinds of bad circumstances, helping you become more empathetic, humble and gain a better perspective of life and its purpose. You can volunteer at a lot of organizations yourself to get firsthand exposure. Another potential idea is for you to get involved in the Joe Klunder education challenge and help people learn the English language. For more information about this challenge, its purpose and what it can do, you can visit