How to Use High End Apps With a Cheap Phone

The problem that a lot of people face in today’s tech heavy world is that they don’t have enough money to stay up to date. It’s not just about hardware, there are a lot of different apps out there that you would want to use so a lot of people are just fine with a phone that does not have a very good camera. The real problem is that these cheap phones don’t have the processing power to run some of the higher end apps out there and end up giving subpar performances.

In order to stay on par with everyone else, spending a lot of money on a high end smartphone might seem like your only option. Thankfully, there is an alternative available. A lot of people don’t have high end smartphones, but most people do have decent laptops. If you have a laptop or desktop that runs fairly well, you can get Bluestacks for Windows 7 and use Android on that. All of the high end apps work perfectly with this Android emulator, as it does not face the issues that a lot of other emulators tend to have. This is an optimized, streamlined software so apps hanging, crashing or working slowly are just not problems that you would have to deal with.

This is perfect for software engineering students that need to learn about app development but do not have the hardware to do so. Somewhere down the line you are going to have to buy a smartphone, but for now just using Bluestacks can help you use the precious time that you might have wasted otherwise. This will help you save money as well since this software is free to download with no obligation to pay later either.