Major Causes of Digital Eyestrain

Among all the other problems that this generation is facing, digital eyestrain is something that is increasing on an alarming rate. To be fairly honest, it’s not something highly dangerous, but it can be annoying, and a person would want to get rid of it sooner or later.

With that out of the way, there are several causes of digital eyestrain, that a lot of people are completely unaware of. The thing is that these major causes also happen to be the common ones, so getting rid of them is rather easy.

We are going to actually talk about some of the major causes of digital eyestrain, considering how it’s so common, it’s only fair that we explore it properly. This will help people know what’s happening to their eyes, and what’s causing them.

So, without further delaying things, let’s take a look at the major causes of digital eyestrain, shall we?

Too Much Exposure to Blue Light
Believe it or not, blue light filter is the leading cause of digital eyestrain, and for those who don’t, blue light is pretty much everywhere around us. However, the best way to protect ourselves is by using anti-reflective, or blue light filter glasses. That way, there won’t be a lot of digital eyestrain to bother us in the first place.

Avoid Using Your Phone in Dark
This one actually corresponds to the first one, but for those who are unaware, digital eyestrain can be caused by using the phone in the dark, especially in the dark because in that case, the only light entering our eyes is the one that is emitting from the screen of the phone, and considering how close we hold the screen to our eyes, it’s only natural for the digital eyestrain to start happening.