Popular Types of Hair Weaves

Growing out hair requires a lot of patience, time and effort and most people don’t have too many of these three things but they would still want longer hair. This is where hair weaves come in; these are hair extensions that you can use to artificially alter the length of your hair. Just because they’re artificial doesn’t really mean that the hair itself used to make these weaves is not real; there are many hair weaves made of real human hair available in various different kinds of styles and textures. There are synthetic ones available for a lot cheaper but since people using hair weaves tend to want their extensions to look natural, human hair weaves are preferable.

Some kinds of hair weaves you’ll read about in any hair style catalogue are as follows.

These are individual locks of hair that are bound to the hair on your head using an upholstery thread that can hold the locks there for a considerable amount of time. These were invented I the 1980s in Minneapolis.

Tape in
These hair weaves are bound to your hair using a special hair adhesive that can last up to eight weeks if taken care of properly; you’ll have to exercise some caution while shampooing and combing your hair and the installation and removal are easy enough to do at home.

Clip on
Clip on extensions are a popular way to add volume to your hair in a very seemingly natural way; this kind of hair can be purchased at a beauty supply store and might need to be cut according to your desired hair style by a professional hair stylist. These can be taken off and worn on a daily basis once they’re prepared for you by your stylist.