Preparing Pork Chops

Now you might think that the cooking utensils and equipment you use is what makes your food great but nothing could be further from the truth. The way you cook and, most importantly, the preparation of the food is what will ensure a good meal for everybody. You can do wonders by buying a cheap electric smoker if you know how to prepare and cook your food; you will not be able to do the same even if you have a state of the art grill and smoker from the most expensive brand if you do not know what you are doing with the food. Food is an art you everybody should learn how to prepare it.

One of the most iconic food items in terms of barbeque has got to be pork chops. A nice and tender pork chop placed in front of anybody will get them salivating. To be able to make a great pork chop you need to choose the right type of pork chop. Pigs have been bred to become leaner but that takes away from the fat that should be attached to the chops since it gives it a lot more flavor. Make sure you choose big and fat chops with some fat on it.

Once you have your chops you need to brine the meat. People usually brine turkey or chickens but you can do that for pigs too. Brining will help soften up the meat and there will be no hard strings of muscle that needs to be consistently chewed upon. You can brine the meat in water with some sugar and salt and a few spices to bring out the flavor. You can even put the pot over the stove to lightly heat it up before refrigerating it for a few hours before you finally grill it.