Top Gaming Monitor

The great thing about PC monitors is that you can always rely on them to last a long time in a near perfect condition. Most monitors can last you for about 10 years without any problems, and then some if you have taken good care of your monitor too. However what this means is that when you have to choose a PC monitor for yourself, you should really put some thought in to what you get. You could easily be using that monitor for the next decade so you should put a lot of thought in to what you plan on getting. A good investment on your part could be getting a thin bezel frame monitor; they are gaining a lot of popularity in recent times and are great for online gaming and for watching movies on.

For those of you who do not know, bezel frames are the frames that go around the monitor screens. As time has gone on you will notice that the bezel frames are becoming better, lighter, and thinner. Compare the size of PC monitor frames from ten years ago to the bezel PC monitor frames now and you will notice a huge difference in them. They are aiming to eliminate the amount of space that is used up by the plastic that usually surrounds the monitor to give it a sleeker, thinner, and edgier look.

The thinnest bezel monitor has to be the 27 inch ASUS MX27AQ monitor. This monitor is not just the one with the thinnest frame but is also the best to look at visually. The monitor has been called a proper work of art on multiple occasions and it is all warranted as the final product is very elegant. The high resolution and screen options make it great for movie lovers and photographers.