Want to Increase Your Pull-Up Reps?

Hoisting your body up in the air is not as easy as most people think especially for beginners who have underdeveloped back muscles. Not only is it ultra-cool to see someone doing pull-ups in the gym or in the park but this is actually one of the best exercises for your entire body. If you could only choose one workout in any given case, doing pull-ups would eliminate the need to do any other form of training as long as it is done right with the right amount of intensity according to level of expertise. If you have been told by someone that you cannot do a single pull-up and you feel demotivated, then you are not alone as their thousands of people who think the same way. Whether you are not training your related muscles on timely basis or you have an imbalanced fat-body ratio there are many ways how you can crank out more pull-ups.

When starting out any similar strength training program it is highly recommended to do iso-eccentric movements which means you have to alter body movements and speed during the rep. Start by hanging from the rod and staying in the lower most position for as long as you can hold, this would increase your grip strength and build up endurance in various muscles including your biceps, scapula, and forearms.

Once you feel comfortable hanging from the bar for more than 1 minute then you can do the actual iso-eccentric pullups that require you speed up when you pull yourself up to the bar and slowdown in the opposite motion. Incorporate more back workouts such as lat pull-down in your daily routine. Check out Sweat Equity Fitness of LA if you want to see improvements in a short period of time.