What Are The Appropriate Measures to Take in Order to Maintain Your Garden in The Winter?

Gardens are one of the most important features of a property, no matter if it is residential or commercial. The different weather affects gardens in different way which is why it is necessary that the appropriate plants be potted and the right care is taken or else the plants would wilt away. Another important thing to remember is that extreme climate (hot summers and harsh winters) affects the plants direly which why utmost care should be given to the garden in those times.

Since gardens involve living things (plants), it requires a lot of maintenance and cannot look immaculate on their own. Many people chose to play the role of gardeners but others who do not have the information, skill, interest or time for gardening; they chose to hire gardeners or landscaping companies to maintain their gardens. For Perth landscaping, you can search up the company LD Total and hire them for your garden maintaining needs.

If you wish to maintain the garden on your own then we have picked up pointers from LD Total so let us have a look at them.

Removal of Debris

During autumn and winter or in a windy season, it is a good idea to keep clearing away the debris. Whenever you can, make sure to remove the dead leaves, sticks, branches, bark and other such things that you find lying around.

Spreading of The Mulch

In order to protect your plants, it is very important that you cover the beds of your plants with mulch so that winter does not affect them.

Screens For Protection

We highly advise you to use screens to cover up the delicate plants so that they do not suffer because of the cold or harsh winds.