Why Rent a Mini Excavator

If you are someone who likes to put in a bit of work by themselves when there is work that needs to be done around the house, then you might be happy to hear that you can get easily available heavy equipment rental options all over Vancouver through the help of Rent 1 Equipment suppliers. Now while Rent 1 does give you the option of renting out Giant Excavators, Skid Steers, Track Loaders, and a lot more, the one type of heavy machinery we will be focusing on in this article is the mini excavator or the compact excavator.

Now I am sure that you can tell by the name that a mini excavator is essentially a smaller version of the large excavators that you see in construction yard, used for digging up the ground and moving large rocks and such. However he mini excavator is not just a small digging machine and it is definitely not a worse off option compared to the larger sized excavators that are available. A mini excavator is specifically used in all the places that a larger excavator just cannot work well at. These are really great to have if you have a very small area to work in and cannot get a lot of place to move the heavy machinery around.

The mini excavators are also really quick to work with and do not really lose any of the necessary power to do the job just because they are smaller in size. Generally, while they are not as strong as their larger counterparts, they do have a much better hydraulic system working for them and that leads to them working a lot faster and getting a better digging ability. So not only are they faster diggers, they have better hydraulic lifts installed too.